World Class Peonies

At Swenson Gardens, we continue to hybridize exciting new intersectional/Itoh hybrids, herbaceous hybrids and Lactiflora peonies.

Peonies That Don't Flop

For the best landscaping appeal, look for our no staking peonies, marked as “NS.” Almost all of our peonies are bred for stem strength.

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Peony Care

We divide only three-year-old peonies, so you will receive a bare root that will produce a mature plant in three to four years. We do this in the fall and mail them to you immediately, at the time that is best for you to plant them. Our bare root plants are top-notch and certified disease- and pest-free. Proper peony care is vital to the health and longevity of your plants. Please consider these planting tips and suggestions carefully.